HATHA YOGA (Surya-Chandra Namaskar(vanakam) HA means Suryan/Sun , Tha means Chandran /Moon)

•Surya-Chandra vanakkam
•Sun is the basic support for all the living beings.
•Various benefits can be obtained by practicing surya Vanakkam.
•Surya vanakkam is performed at morning 6.00am and Chandra vanakkam at evening 6.00pm
•Surya vanakkam and Chandra vanakkam comprise of Yogasanam and pranayama.
•It is done before starting the yoga practices; thereby body becomes relaxed.
•This practice comprises of a cycle of 12 yogasanas.
•Surya vanakkam and Chandra vanakkam can be performed for 12 times.
•There is only one difference between Surya vanakkam and Chandra vanakkam.. In Aswasanjalasanam , if the right leg is kept in front, surya nadi is stimulated and it is called Surya vannakam. If the left leg is kept in front, Chandra nadi is stimulated and is called Chandra vanakkam.
•There are 12 hours in the day time and 12 hours in the night time. To indicate that only, 12 asanas are there.
•In the day time Surya nadi helps the proper functioning of the body and in the night time Chandranadi helps to attain the blissful state. That is why this small difference in the position of legs is there.
•While performing Surya vanakkam and Chandra vanakkam, it is good to face the east direction. Also when you bend forward breathe out and when you bend backward, breathe in. In other stages, never hold the breath.