Pranayamam means “to stop or regularize the breath ie., oxygen ”. NOBLE PRICE FOR RESEARCH ON OXYGEN

2019 William.G.Kaelin, Sir Peter J.Ratcliffe and Gregg L. Semenza , Research : “How cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability”.

1931, Otto Warburg – Research - “Oxygen is essential to convert food into useful energy”.

1938 , Corneille Heymans – Research -“Carotid bodies on the neck sense the oxygen level in blood and regulate the respiration”.

Oxygen sensing is important for:
Generation of new blood vessels. Production of RBC. Fine tuning of immune system. Proper fetal development. Role in anemia, cáncer etc.

* helps in regulated supply of oxygen to every nook and corner of the tissues.
* helps to control mind
* is primary before prathyagaram, tharanai, thyanam and samadhi stage