The qualified scientists of present era have proved, from the data obtained by their systematic medical research, with evidence that yoga helps to live a healthy life without diseases.

It is considered that, the art which is popularly called now a days as “Yoga” in the world has originated from Ashtanga yoga, whereas it is actually originated from ‘Attanga Ogam”. This art of Oga is one of the 64 sacred arts given as a precious gift to the world by the ancient Tamil Siddhars of true wisdom.

Attanga Ogam is comprised of eight stages:s

•Yamam : (To be followed) – It involves “Personal discipline”. It includes the good practices to be followed at regular timing by a person, such as, getting up early in the morning, brushing the teeth, cleansing the stomach, taking bath, doing exercises, taking food when hungry, sleeping at the allotted time etc. Yamam stage is concerned with looking after the body properly.

•Niyamam : (to be observed) – It involves “Social discipline”. It includes, nonviolence, not causing any harm to other souls or nature by our body. For example: not spurting the water after washing the face, hands and feet, constructing proper drainage system and preventing flooding of drainage water in your residence. It also includes not giving trouble to others, like, driving the vehicle properly, speaking sweet words, not polluting the nature, having integrity in the work, living without enmity with the relations and friends, etc.

•Aadhanam : Aadhanam means “to be seated’ or “to keep our body in a position”. There are 83 lakhs plus aadhanam.

•Pranayamam : It means “to stop" or "regularize the breath”.
•These four stages depend upon your personal effort, whereas, the next four stages, namely, Prathyaharam, Tharanai, Dhyanam and Samadhi depend upon the grace of God. Once we expertise in the first four stages, the next four stages can be attained by the compassion of God.

•Prathiaharam – (Dispassion) it is a stage beyond the mind, having complete control over the five senses. In this stage, body, mind and soul are completely freed of the influences of the external world.

•Tharanai – Concentration of the mind. To fix the complete attention on a particular thing.

•Dhyanam - Dhyanam includes mantra and yantra worship.To experience the divinity. To reflect deeply on the true essence of the object of meditation.

•Samadhi – To be one with the object of meditation, That is, to be united one with Parabhrama.

Now it is proven that daily practice of yoga leads to healthy life the benefits of yoga (Originated from attangaogam) have been proved by medical researchers in recent years.